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  1. Ristorante Carnivora



Meat restaurant in the San Spirito district of Bari 

Our experience of four generations and our passion of a lifetime make Ristorante Carnivora a meat restaurant with a full menu starting with hot carpacci hamburgers, first and second courses with various cuts and cooking techniques.
All with a wide selection of Italian and foreign wines.
Ristorante Carnivora is the ideal place to enjoy creative dishes that are especially for those who want to enjoy flavours and tastes, served by well trained staff, always ready to advise and suggest.
Be tempted by our full meat menu only the best; we are grand entendeurs for meat!

 It all started with Tommaso Romano's historic butcher's shop, overlooking the main street of the vibrant suburb of Santo Spirito. In 2012 The idea came to ‚Äč‚Äčexpand and diversify activities with the opening of a restaurant with the very eloquent Carnivora name. It is here we find son Chef Nico Romano and his team.
This is the family of Tommaso Romano: his belief, his work, application, innovation, inventiveness, generosity,
and the goodness of spirit. His motto is "Inside or Out" and "either it works or it breaks".

Authentic passion for meat

The Carnivora Restaurant, which specializes in meat specialties, is brilliantly managed by a family who has shared a their passion for a long time as well as a long tradition of meat of all kinds, beef, pork or poultry. What is most striking is the great love for processing this kind of produce, which is carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality and taste for every customer. This passion, coupled with that of original and creative cuisine, has given chef Nico Romano the opportunity through the Via Garibaldi restaurant to create succulent and delicious artwork for both
the palate and the eyes.
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The perfect atmosphere for steak lovers

It's not just the choice of dishes to make our meat specialty restaurant a landmark for all the locals of Bari and province, but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere that puts the customer in the spotlight.
Sophisticated and modern furnishings, spacious tables and tidy but refined lines make the Puglian restaurant a unique and ideal retreat for steak and rib lovers.
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