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Tasty roast meat dishes

At Ristorante Carnivora in Bari, the famous "de gustibus non disputandum est", which was so dear to the Latins to express respect for the individuality of each taste, is used in an innovative and original way just like the dishes offered. We have made the most of it to express our recurring leitmotif: "de gustibus carnis"; they are in fact the three words that best describe the activity of the Ristorante Carnivora, specializing in grilled meat dishes. But that is not all, because the words are even more striking if you refer to the quality of the specialties offered, which are reserved only for refined palates that require a very high level in every respect: from taste to presentation, from consistency to aroma, every grilled or roasted meat dish can tantalise the most experienced experts in the field. With its vast selection of high quality meat, typical Puglia dishes and a wine list that includes about one hundred and fifty wines, our restaurant will dazzle even the most demanding of customers.
Primo piano di una bistecca cruda

Imagination and quality
in the kitchen

Ristorante Carnivora doesn't offer a portion of meat on a plate and serve it to the clientèle in a spartan and tasteless way: every course at our restaurant is made according to original and creative recipes in order to create an alternative gastronomy that focuses on innovation and quality at an honest price.
The restaurant menu is full of unique exquisite dishes such as grilled meat, carpacci and tartare prepared with "battute al coltello technique combined with precious and rare salts, plus entrées, first and second course, and delicious desserts.
From steak tagliata, prepared in the oven: our specialty is always to tell the story of every course with passion, in order to for you to enjoy, like browsing the pages of a book that opens with a steak cooked masterfully and concludes with a glass of fine wine to accompany it.

"Cooking is made of magic that is created using the techniques to perfection and matching them to the most appropriate ingredients"

The chef of Ristorante Carnivora, was born in Bari in 1984, and grew up with secrets form the family and great chefs, passionate and strongly motivated, offering a tasteful alternative to the reality of local tradition.
Chef Nico Romano brings out his inspiration from Puglia's confines, creating and presenting dishes to go with the great wines from Italy.

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