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Carnivora, a project that has become reality

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Carnivora is a restaurant located in Bari where the absolute protagonist, queen of the table, is without a doubt: the meat. 

This passion for meat has led the owner of the restaurant, Nico Romano, to choose the perfect and more explanatory name for his restaurant:


A place where you can have splendid meat dishes, creatively offered by choosing only the highest quality products. 

The value-for-money is one of the distinctive features of Carnivora, located in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 15, which ensures its customers to have not only dinner, but a real carnivorous experience

The succulent flavour of the best meat carefully chosen to delight and pamper the palate combined with the inspiration and magic of the encounter between exceptional and sought-after ingredients:

Carnivora is all this and even more, thanks also to the staff's many years of experience.

Some of our dishes

A warm and modern atmosphere, with refined and minimal furniture. Rooms with warm colors developed on several floors, where the colors of white, red and dove are the protagonists.
Find out more about the Carnivora restaurant in Bari: book a table to start your culinary experience.
No pre-cut meat, no choice too obvious and simple: the chef Nico Romano is passionate about top quality meat, which is treated with care and is perfect for customers preferring precious cuts and fresh and distinctive ingredients and exceptionally unique tastes.
The real highlight of Carnivora is its menu. Fassona, Entrecote, Angus, French Limusine, Cherolè and more, all reworked to obtain succulent appetizers, unforgettable pasta dishes and - of course - second courses not to be missed. Find out more by visiting the dedicated section.

Meats from around the world

The love for the taste that meat provides to the palate is not a national question, but a global one. 

Precisely for this reason the meat restaurant Carnivora di Bari chooses to bring cuts of meat that come from all over the world, to give life to incredibly good dishes. The chef Nico Romano personally chooses the meat to be taken to the restaurant, among which you can find:

  • Piedmontese cattle
  • Fassona meat
  • Chateubriand of beef tenderloin
  • Florentine T-bone steak
  • Ribeye - entrecote of Irish Dumbya

and so much more. Give yourself a moment for you, your partner, friends or family at the Carnivora restaurant in Bari: a new concept of tasting meat awaits you.
Carnivora is especially appreciated for its strong identity, the desire to present meat in all possible ways, and the undeniable passion that all the staff has handed down for generations to this succulent product.
If you were satisfied with the dishes you enjoyed at Carnivora or if you want to give suggestions to the staff and the chef, leave a review that can help us improve our excellent services even more.

Fine wines

In the heart of Santo Spirito in Bari, Carnivora knows how essential it is to accompany excellent meat with the choice of a wine that is at its height. Our winery offers local excellences both in glass and in bottles, plus a wide selection of spirits and bottled beers for those who are passionate about it. You can find by the glass:

  • Primitivo
  • Negroamaro
  • Apulian white or rosé

And as for the beers, blonde and red Menabrea, Paulaner Lager and Amarcord Artisan, both blonde and ale. 

For after dinner it ranges from the well-known Amaro lucano, Amaro del capo and Limoncello to
Barrel-aged Grappa Solera Selezione line, the Whiskey Lagavulin, the Cognac or the Rum Zacapa.

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Carnivora in Bari awaits you in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 15, in the Santo Spirito area, at the following times:

  • monday 18:00–23:30 
  • tuesday 11:30–15, 18:00–23:30
  • wednesday 11:30–15, 18:00–23:30
  • thursday 11:30–15, 18:00–23:30
  • friday 11:30–15, 18:00–23:30 
  • saturday 11:30–15, 18:00–23:30 
  • sunday 11:30–15
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